The Song Of The Insane (Autistic Rage)


into darkness

go these words of pain

fisting violently in rage

hoping never to feel them again

stirring autism with experience

and sorrowful delirious

mixing meddling memories

ladled over morose mutations

of the being they called me

I have my cake

but I never eat it

just beat it

gluten makes me nauseous

and anxious to do you harm

flippant and fucking annoyed

with you so I disarm

my bombs of cunning wordplay

and tanks of political prowess

to leave you stripped of flesh

in the wake of my nuclear fallout

I am a fall out boy

no longer wishing you well

but waiting for hell

to tell me I’ve returned

I live life free from enemy lines

but I still burn

you expect, I accept

and then nonchalantly redirect

ignorance and vanity

will never supercede my finality

I quake not in fear

but in here, I am near

the darkness

and these songs of the insane

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