Never Mine To Replace

skulls death dead smoke 2560x1440 wallpaper_www.wallpapername.com_76

winds rebel

against the shadow of mine

as I stand facing the tsunami

coming in my face

I don’t blink or quiver

against the plague of memory

eroding little precious time

I gave my soul to her

and in my slavery became a sinner

the waters rise above my head

and swallowing hard

I gave my heart

so I would weigh less and float

among her waves

chastising me with dreams

and abusing a blink

I was shrouded in misery

and unable to think

in the palm of her sticky hands

forever between her legs

I was my own worst enemy

and her greatest slave

tormented to love the dark

pleading for my life

I bowed under her knife

why did I love her again

screaming agony

the bitter core of her luscious apple

too quick to taste

and I feel a pang of shame

because the spirit I let her steal

was never mine to replace


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