Like Everyone Else


Writing on

To tell the story

Of someone who doesn’t

Like to speak

Very often

I do

But selective

As to who

I do

Not everyone

Or even every other

Has earned this

It’s funny


How I come off

Open and chatty to some

Reclusive and shallow

To others

I don’t choose, it chooses

For me

I’m just along

For the ride

Please don’t hate me

I want to love

Like everyone else

I just don’t do it

Like everyone else

9 thoughts on “Like Everyone Else

  1. I can relate to this feeling as a person with social anxiety and depression. It’s hard when people think I am being rude or dismissive, when it’s really anxiety or depression, not intentional. It helps when I tell people about it so that they understand why I may not always be talkative or outgoing. Hang in there ❤

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