Why Can’t I Have You


I don’t have to ask how you are

to know you’re not

the night’s a plague coming too fast

the sunset was your last chance

at a real laugh

the darkness is deep

you tread a filthy path

What a catch

to be loved by so little

yet love everyone so much

to breathe so little air

yet be filled by everyone’s affair

pride and prejudice, humanity is full of all

but far be it from me to admonish your fall

What a catch, I would surely offer

if you would look up

and give me your name

restless winds, idle flames

the burning in my eyes wants us to come again

try anew

“I’ll be here soon”

and now I am

why do we hate?

why do we plan?

life is too perfect to be measured

too short to take for granted

too empty to be full

of wishes never meant to be yours


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