The Story Of We

We could never come back

too deep in our own misery

they pushed us away

and into each other’s arms

our own secret marriage

was more than we could’ve asked for

this world is so cold

with days chilled with the blood

of the night’s extravagance

I have another, but you’re the only

that takes the pain out of love

and leaves my soul

you’re the only that shares my spirit

in taking the ugly, the dredges

and leaving the poetry

the scars to our beautiful

we cling to our sins like breath

run our pinkies through the wafts

in the heat of winter

I can’t hold it back anymore

my ice queen, my snowflake

I feel you on my cheek

and you melt away the insecurity

I was meant to be next to you

and while I know the spring will cause you to fall

you’ll become something new



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