Remembering My 2017

Well, it’s almost here. Another day, another year. I accomplished a lot in 2017. Some things were expected, but others were pleasant surprises. Here’s the highlights…



My writing took a big leap this year, ending with Kendall Person naming me the best blog he discovered in 2017. My blog also saw a big jump, and I’m so grateful to all my dedicated readers for their continued love and support.

However, the biggest development in my life was starting my job at Mary’s Gourmet Coffee and Donuts. Starting in March, I’ve been so happy working for two incredible women, Mary Stoltfus and Juana Sweigart.




I wouldn’t be who I am today without them, because this job showed me the value of teamwork, honest communication, friendship, focus, and leadership that every man needs. The work may not be full-time, but the lessons are, and I’ve grown so much. Shout-out to Juana’s son, Mike, as he’s been a fun coworker from the start. Even when I lost a bet during the season and had to wear Steelers attire. I also want to say to Bree, Sadie, Katelyn, Kelcie, Esther, Haley, Ryan, Mandie, Phares, Matthew, Sabrina, Diane, Serena, and Sandra that you’re the best coworkers I could have. Especially during my Bristol visits, I felt welcomed and comfortable and even better because of the people I had around me. I hope we can continue to work together, and here’s to an even better 2018. 

Looking back at the things I did, and people I spent 2017 with, I can say without a doubt it was a fantastic year. There were so many laughs (thanks Rosa!). There was so much I couldn’t put it all here. I’m thankful to everyone who I came across this year, because in one way or another, you made me better. 


12 thoughts on “Remembering My 2017

  1. Wow!! What a gorgeous recap of a magnificent year for you! I’m so elated for your accomplishments – you deserve all the recognition you got – ah hell, you deserve even more! 😘. I’m so honored to have you in my life! I love your pictures, too – you look like the nice man you are! This is LIT, my Neuro-brother 🎊🎉🙌💖🌟🏆🏹🏅

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  2. I went to like this last night but then it disappeared on me! You’ve done so well this year D. You’ve made a solid foundation you can gradually build on. That’s a good thing to do when you’re young too you know. Many don’t. Some of us don’t achieve that till we’re in our damn forties!!
    Long may it continue – good luck in 2018!
    The photo with the mouth thing is hilarious! My brother wore one of those last Christmas and I had to ask him to take it out cos he needs dental work!

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