Experimental Poetry: Autistic Bars


Sun shining in my face

A little tired but ready for the day

Gotta watch how long I stare, how fast I say

I’m a little weird, so close to the vest I play

You see the old me in these crew jeans

While I flirt with you in a new dream

Pick up some plastic, drop some dough

That’ll be two..two..two..twenty, now you see

I stand on the outside of your inside

Got no game to fake, no matter how hard I try

Understanding of your ways is a McDouble, two for five

Sell it at dollar tree and I still won’t buy

I am a-u-t-i-s-t-i-c and I’m just a blip on your radar

But with a flash of wits I land hard kicks in your balls like Neymar

Push me down, laugh at my gait, but I will run far

You think I’m gone, then I throw a grenade, call me Bruno Mars

(This poem was a bit experimental, and if you think I wrote it well, please drop it in the comments. Thanks.)

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