Experimental Poetry #3: Escaping The Suffering


Escape to a world

Where everybody loves me

Then snap out with a shove, a bang

They laugh, the pang

I could beat them if I were stronger

Rhymes don’t hold up against knives

But there will be a next time

Let’s see who gets the last line

No, not laugh

Cause I step over your carcass, forget the overpass

I tajke the unpaved road

Silence, alone, my home

Miss isolation, put on hold

Cause dirty dancer insanity is pulling a Marilyn Monroe

Sing to me, no matter the time

Then wake me up in the middle of the night

Can’t explain where I’m going

I just write how I feel

Latch on to you like an eel

Drink your soul, eat your heart, normality I’m outgrowing

3 thoughts on “Experimental Poetry #3: Escaping The Suffering

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