The Empty Silence In Me


Embrace the empty silence

and tour the decadent air

marooned on this island of sultry sorrow

ever unable to see the vail

I wander this world every day

but night gives me freedom and life

I can see everyone looking back at me

and still know I’m right

the clarity stars provide

against the backdrop of human hate

reminding me of my wings

and how they were shredded, forcing me to serve

this manic inside me, eating slops off his plate

my poetry is the rise of my singing

choruses thundering, a hundred horses

across the landscape of the world I inhabit

is it my mistake, cause I feel like a Martian

so unlike everyone I cross, I’m in the Petrie dish

a fish out of water, but changing the views

are my wish

and if I gotta struggle

for the humbled to be lifted high

then it’ll be a glorious death indeed

let my brothers and sisters be lifted to the sky

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