Afraid To Show our Face

Our backs are to each other

and we care not how little breath we have

our backs, to those behind us

seem clad in golden jackets

with silver buttons

our backs, to those in front of us

are worn with scars of toil

and kisses of seduction

but to us, our backs are nothing more

than the horsemen of our unsightly lives

so we hide them with sheaves of innocence

our backs, our fronts, it matters not to infinity

we are flawed, oh, so deeply flawed

but we weigh right and wrong over our kind

as if we are gods

but we sacrifice our kind in the name of right and wrong

as if they were slaves

we are not the plow

but the field

we are not the slave

but the shackle

having no more control over our destiny

than the man or woman in our charge

we are not our own creation

America, it’s time

to rid ourselves of our shame

and let ourselves go

reveal the truth for all to see

and be freed by the singularity

of its calling

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