2017, 2018…Humans Haven’t Changed A Bit

2017’s gone, 2018’s here

Ten days in already, time must hate

to be near to us, pathetic humans

drowning ourselves in the waves

of technology and advancement

growing cities, growing nations

but what about the Earth, our only planet

people lived on Mars, but we’re not aliens

at least not yet

I sit at tables in malls and watch the interaction

between brothers, sisters, and adults alike

they’re so rude, disrespectful, and vain

presented with their flaws, hardly contrite

but eager to shine the light on your missteps

humans are so full of shit

accuse the other party of that which they are guilty

they want freedom, yet are slaves

to what’s behind the screen

Martin Luther King Jr died for his beautiful dream

but black men can’t see past sneakers and jeans

whites are no better, loving Hillary and Bieber

fans eagerly claim Belieber, but who’s a believer

judging by church attendance, I’d say too few

please let’s look past the president

and the feel the temperatures rising and falling

climate change is changing the Earth

and the change is hardly coincidence

with the climate of countries, so near to war

what do you believe in

what do you fight for

7 thoughts on “2017, 2018…Humans Haven’t Changed A Bit

  1. It does get discouraging, Devereaux, doesn’t it? I hope the pendulum will swing in the other direction and we as individuals, communities, and a planet of people will reclaim those things that really matter: love, dignity, respect, kindness, and generosity, to name a few. ❤

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