Pray For Me

Heavy sigh

and a knock on the door

there’s so much to be asked forgiveness for

Only the Lord knows is understatement of the year

I fear

I’m unredeemable

I wear

the stains on my skin, and my heart

is crushed by the feet of the neurotypical world

my soul is given but a moment’s respite

before I am asked to strike with broken fists

tired wishes, and deeper ditches

can’t come soon enough

for when I’ve laid it all down

you all beg for more blood

you beg for an ounce more

a pound at the door

and I give, because I don’t know how to take

the time allotted for me to spend to grow

the space granted to me to become

better than the man before me

and the men I hope to leave after

but I can’t escape the clutches of the undead

so I put my head under the waters

and write you little notes to hang on your walls

something to remind you, I’m still here

but fading slower as I lose oxygen

soon I’ll be gone

and who will remember me then?

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