Nobody Likes What I See

Alone is where my heart is

but my body is among you

so where am I truly?

Am I the silent nod at your beauty

and the agreement to pass you by

like a flower in a field of choice

or am I the culmination of years of rage

lashing out in violent overtones of muscle

and metal

Am I the smile and thank you at your ignorance

for fear of upsetting the preset standard

or the seething breath pouring down my chest

as I stuff it back in and attend to your demands

Am I the powerful words I conjure up each night and day

hoping to make you see how I walk this way

or am I the things I don’t say, the sins I fold away

because you’d hate me if you knew me

the real me, the ugly me

the poetic me, the cunning me

and I hope one day, I could tell you the truth

but until then, we’ll keep missing out

on the the chance

to turn each other around

because nobody likes

what they’re made to see

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