Trying to get away from the public eye

they don’t understand how stares age me

I’m so tired, these days

from fingertips to wrinkled joints

the wear and tear is plain to see

and they don’t get the point, I want to be alone

sometimes I roam the streets

nine at night, the lights hardly guide my way

my brain tells me when to stop and go

I feel at home, for once

I feel right, this way

it’s unexplainable, but jealous of my job

I have to battle with myself all day long

and when I can’t fight, I write these songs

these daily words that keep me going strong

I’m flawed, but learning to be okay with that

what I struggle with the people on my path

some stay, some go

some people leave thoughts I hate to know

others I wish I knew better

but I’ll forever be this way until I die

thank you for reading me again


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