When It’s My Turn

We’re racing, you and I

this circle of light that we call life

each day I wake, each time I sleep


things we call real, it’s just a dream

things we call a dream, it’s just a dream

but some things, transcend both dream and reality

and those are the moments that mean most to me

I know none of what we do here matters

because it’ll wind up dying in history

I know none of what we achieve here is worthwhile

because it’ll get lost in the forget of memory

I know the love we share will die

with the bodies, with the hearts

that first insisted on sharing it

I know the bond we share will rust

with the minds, with the hands

that first demanded on bending it

but until the boys are brought home

until the lust is caught up with

until the children are remembered

and the mothers are encouraged to keep them

I’m going to live in this moment

and hope to find love in this moment

someone to share this moment with

and if I don’t find anyone

then keep to myself

and give it back to nature

when it’s my turn

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