Expensive Mistakes

The ashes stop falling

and the sparrows stop calling

the sun peaks out behind the billowing smoke

and casts a heavy hand upon the land

the rivers run from new names

the seas malnourish the brain

and the inhabitants do the same thing

each and every day

hating each other, stepping on each other

for measly moments of momentary matters

killing each other, bribing each other

you might think I’m predicting the future

but I’m actually living in the present

I present to you the human race

millions of years old

but stuck in the same place

6 thoughts on “Expensive Mistakes

  1. Excellent truth. No matter how far the human race has come, we continue to hate each other and hurt one another. People call for change but no change listens. We as a human race must keep hopefully and hope that change is coming and we all need to be kind to one another. Excellent poem.

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  2. This is very keen writing Devereaux beautifully written and the end is very apt. You are right, the more things change, the more things stay the same as the saying goes. No one learns from history do they?

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