The Lies We Weave

Short sided and defiant

slow to work, eager to retire

there might be a spark, but who wants to work

get dirty in the mines, and maybe even die

to furnish the fire of the mind?

sweat for days, sweat for years

no time to play, grind all the way

family is the foundation of this and every day

but people don’t care, they just choose

which hour they want to be the best

every other okay with being among the rest

eager for glory but unwilling to put it on the line

murder for trophies but won’t put in the time

nobody’s overachieving on 9 to 5

even achieving

the gain comes when you’re off work

when you’re not clocked in, what are your goals

dinkin and dunkin 

or going big

it’s not easy but it’s worth it

I’ve put in the late nights, the extra hours

and I’m proud but never finished

I don’t need more accolades

just more pay days

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