Chasing Paces

Memories of a distant past

yet not so far away future

stunt ambition and dreams

dreams of good, anyway

calvary of negligence

dooms before the day even begins

shuddering bare skin left to taste the frost

of winter’s haunted breath

forever fading beauty

forever breathing less

tripping over alternate you’s

always retracing steps

life’s a collection of lovely moments

and lively mess

what matters

is what you do with it all

snapshots of failure

recollections of right

all to be forgotten

or embraced in eternity by time

4 thoughts on “Chasing Paces

  1. Interesting, we have just realized over the past year that our 30 year old son is afflicted with this. And he grows into things he is passionate about and we just have to have faith of some sort, that he will be fine. Letting go, as the parent, is the hardest thing to do. It doesn’t mean neglect or ignoring, but it gives the balm of calm to both sides.

    Your poem touched me deeply.

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