My Scene, My Word Pace

There comes a time

when you just have to let go

words don’t matter, promises coming after

are tears in their dust

cry me a river, cry me a million

if I don’t ever come to your senses

because I’m not you, and I won’t be

time passes and people want you to change

but you can’t, cause they’re not you

years will mold me

moments will refine me

but never the way you wish they would

and there comes a time

when people hate you for honesty

the selfishness in selflessness

to be okay with you

in a world of cosmetics and condescending

I’m friends with this monster

it leads me to drink, sometimes I do

it leads me to swallow, sometimes I chew

it leads me to a deeper self

and that universe might not include you

I’m okay with the road less traveled

the sanity of the scene allows conversation

and in a time coming

it won’t matter who you’ve hurt or blessed

it won’t matter what you are

it won’t matter what you’ve done

only what you can be

only what you can become

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