Where Do We Start

I should have let you in

they say

I should have loved you back

she prayed

I should have kissed your festering wounds

as we lay

twisting and twirling in the murky waters

they say

I shouldn’t make much of blinking lights

at two-thirty

I shouldn’t make much of your absence

in my times of need

they say

oh does the bastard cry out in agony

the universe admits he is nothing and no one

the waters of his mother are forever cursed

for ever bearing such decadent devilry

I should keep quiet when there was another

and there were many

they say

I should love you for who you are

but what makes a woman

the phallic object on which she orgasms

or the ecstasy of common sense

rescuing her from certain doom

and her ability to listen to her deepest wills

they say

you couldn’t be a better wife

broken from a young age

eager to shred her many pages

and when I showed up

her faith was scattered abroad

they said and say

but now I’m speaking

and I know you can be better

when I took the remains

the discards of a punished damsel

I added hints of me

and upon this scroll of time

I wrote something new

something beautiful

you are not who loves you

you are not who hates you

you are what you love

you are what you hold dear

something beautiful

something beautiful

is you

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