Never Believing In You

I will never believe again

because change will come

throwing all your heart and soul

into the winds, into the empty books

of a time we know nothing about

the rivers swallow our children,

and the seas suffocate the sick

fate is on a rout, we scream

fate is on a rout, in this fever dream

that has no awakening, only slumber

as the very fabric of our reality is torn asunder

no chance to repent, no rapture

just the plates shifting beneath our feet

as we finally meet our master

the gods of today don’t suffice in any way

the gods of today are steel and clay

they turn off when we’re done with our play

the gods of today will ignite in the fray

human flesh has been torn

mothers kill children already born

we sell our sons and daughters into porn

for scorn, and our sensitivities and delights

for a taste of a fraction’s fraction of life

are placed above humanity and the rights

to the life we did not create, and therefore

have no say in whether it lives or dies

yet, we stand firm

and believe things will never change

I will never believe anything again

I will never believe

you again

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