You’re Not The Only One

Empty and vague

Crashing with rage

I’m sorry, but I just can’t turn the page

Scars and sinister, our past keeps up

Mars and Venus, we’re polar opposites

Yet we’re in the same galaxy

Somebody’s lying

Because the impasse rubs us the wrong way

I can’t speak to you the same way

You’re ashamed of me

Rightfully, almost

I went to far, asking for what isn’t mine

This ocean is wide, but I tread shallow waters

And came up gasping near death

Because you cause my short breath

Because you make my whole life swim

Because you make me fall back in awe

Of the love in your age

Eagerly writing life on pages

So empty, and ready to be consumed

By this energy

By this all-consuming will

The chase is a thrill

But every high has a low

And when you say no

It’s buzzkill

And I reflect on what I’ve done

I reflect on the moon and sun

The space they occupy, the time they contain

And I realize, in contempt of all underneath

You’re not the only one

I'm interested in hearing what you have to say

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