Names To Our Breath

What are you waiting for

To give breath to the nameless?

Bones to the lifeless?

Blood to the heartless?

The dark side of love

Is the side we all see

But hate to admit the existence

Roses and hearts and sweets

Are a fine gesture of accompaniment

But to last forever

Requires the strength of forever knowing

You will never be together forever

Time will take you apart, tear you apart

And return two shattered, shredded limbs

Expecting to walk and talk as one

Never broken, never changed

Taking the punches from this simulation

So delicately arranged

I don’t show love by offering dead plants

But the life and words of a man returned

From the dead, from the dying, with a plan

I’ve never been in love, yet I am loved

I’ve never fallen for a woman, yet I stumble

I’ve never laid with perfection, yet every night I’m satisfied

Because true love is accepting your place

In reality

What we call this fragile cradle of a home

And living to the best of your ability

Around those beside

And behind you

Love me like you will

Love me like you can

Love me like you know

And I’ll treat you the same

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