In Despair, She’s There

The lights are mesmerizing

red, yellow, green

stirring and stalling

the rush, the dream

exemplifying everything I see

but the beauty is in what I don’t

the shadows curve around my hands

and breathe fire into my heart

baby, you’re up

this is your part

storming my castle is hardly the conquest

bitter foreplay played on too many tongues

the glory is found in the words unspoken

the climax is found in the motions of lips

grazing tearful eyes

no more running, no more hiding

it’s just you and me

forever, for all time

we aren’t just lovers, we are breathers

of the same tainted oxygen

the same bitter blood in our veins

will one day cease to course

our skin will dry, our hair will grey

but every moment spent by your side

is worth a million days

and there are nights when the day is devoured

the Earth shatters down her voluptuous spine

the moon plays hide and seek in space

and the human race becomes deathly scarce

but even in tragedy, I find you

even in despair, you’re there

my rarefied air, I love to breathe this in

goodness so intoxicating, it could be sin

where I’m going, I care not as long as it’s here

with you

with you

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