Roads Ahead Scream Of Might

The road before me is empty
Without pavement, without man
Just vastness outlined
By a beaming horizon
Voices call on the moonless road
Voices call on me to come home
But where is past and present
In the cyclical winding of time
Where is mother and father
In a world where all of nature gives birth
Like I said, the road is empty
Potential pitfalls park only in your mind
Potential outfits change with your body
Space and time are just vehicles
To new worlds
The only crutch is your willingness to explore
To be happy with you, or in wanting more
Become a new creature with new expectations
And an ever climbing ceiling awaits those
Who run towards the dangerous and the dawn
Angels are shadows, demons are pawns
On the empty road before me
I slither, I crawl
I murmur, I bawl
On the empty road before me
Heartless writes glitter as fireflies
Hurtful rhymes sprinkle blood on the lights
Yet I trudge on through the night
Because the road before me is potential
And it screams of might

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