Broken Sentences, Hearts Lacking Punctuation

Introverted, but they never ask why
Silently stalking, I put my life in rhymes
Because I struggle reading people
Because I struggle telling you how I feel
Unless it’s like this, in broken sentences
that mirror my heart
Unless it’s like this, in angry outbursts
without punctuation that put periods
to my mind
Because I hate and love this riddle called time
And I wish I figured you out sooner
I wish I could send my messages on a line
And know you’d send some back
Because I put out to you, I really like you
But the responses fall flat
My emotions feel like toy boats on the sea
My words feel like toy soldiers underneath your feet
Crushed and battered and nibbled, yet sill
Finding a way in your home and thoughts
I can’t separate you from my thoughts
Sometimes you’re all I want
And others, just a mirage
In front of something better
But I’m jealous and impatient
And I want things now, right now
So hear me now, while I talk quiet
I write with fire that doesn’t retire
Even when I sleep, I fight
I bleed these thoughts that become writes
Writes become likes and comments
Writes become hearts and reblogs
Writes become smiles and nods galore
Writes become source of emotion
But all I want these writes to do
Is call to you

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