Holding On To Anything

We all need something
To hold on to
When the storm cascades down the horizon
And everyone knows it’ll be their last
The beaches seem to melt away
The clouds shudder under pressure
And the winds carry the devils of a watery grave
When blue fades to greenish black
And everyone tries to remember what’s soon to be an ugly past
The faces turn to sorrow, then agony
The children will never become the hoary
And the old will likely see a watery grave
When the rains are falling down on me
When the future is running away from me
When the night is screaming into my station
I feel overwhelmed
Then underwhelmed
At how little the night changes scare me
How the lightning shattering trees to splinters
Setting lives on fire in seconds
Drowning, downing, darkening
All failing to cause a shift in my feet
Because I found my need
Because I found my sweet
Nestled in the cradle of my anxiety
Burrowed shallow among the reeds of my haste
I found the voice calling out to me
The one to last all of my days

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