Envelopes my being
The circumference of my mind
Is warped by the space between my hands
In three steps
I conquer Earth, Heaven, and Underworld
Earth, for the things I can see
I manipulate with ease
The beauty captured in milliseconds
Transforms into thousands of words
Both beast and man have heard
Heaven, for the things I cannot see
Are the spirits I rely upon for breath
In turn they provide visions and wisdom
And revise my most devious of deeds
And the Underworld
Where depression and doubt resides
Murder and the blood of my brothers
Once flowed through my veins
No longer
With patience I listen to the wind
With reverence I follow the sky
With contemplation I wonder
At all the blindness of these eyes
I love those who struggle as I
I love those who suffer as I
I love those who overcome as I

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