You Thought I Was More

We bring the rain

Not scattered showers

Baring down upon your open soul

Hour after hour

Time flits endlessly through closed doors

Yet I stare off in the dark

People say hello, people say goodbye

But there’s something different about this sky

The sea in your eye

Startled me at first, quite frankly

You had a myth about you, unique for a lady

In that there was a mystery you cultivated

Truth underneath ancient misconception

But suddenly I became okay with no

And knowing your freedom birthed my fears

Then I aborted them in broad daylight

Shattering windows, tearing down doors

Stealing, shaking, doing everything people

Said I couldn’t

Such paper towns

Such paper souls

Thinking I was more than a person

Some miracle, some conquest

I am simply me

On a journey

With simply you

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