Goodbye, I’m Going Now


I’m going now

The house is full

But my heart is empty

Look at what they’ve done

Riddled me with questions

Punished me with scars

The downfall of marriage was not my fall

I’ve seen the ladies, I’ve seen them all

What am I do with the begging

Crawling, fingering, kissing

Desperation of the night

Except lay down my life

And say goodnight

Goodbye, Melody

So long, Memory

You were not my own, just on loan

And I am bankrupt with malcontent

These words do little to vent

My guilt and sins

I do sense a change, but not in me

Twittering outside my window

Begging for cents

Is it him, returning from the misery

Is it he, the forgotten man of mystery

Yet as I look at the glass

I realize there is no man

Only me

Could it be

That I was the passing fancy

And he

Was the savior all along?

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