Things I’ve Said

I’m sorry for the things I’ve said

The discounted memories

The dread auctioned off

Unsuspecting hearts don’t deserve

Such weary wrath

Resting on the wings of a writer

Too dark to be noticed

Among the shadows of sully

Magpies and passerby’s

Litter the ocean floor of my eyes

As I stand on the corner

Of this avenue

I hold out my hat

Take my pain

Take my abuse

And lift it high

If someone’s out there, let them hear

I’m sorry for the songs I’ve sung

The voice of a confused autist is broken

And off-key my notes might be

The forest I miss, but the trees I see

And these people are standing

Far too close to me

So I sing out

And sing out loud

Singing out

And now

Hoping to shine upon the rainstorm

And barcade you from the hurricane

We are all humans

Deserving of peace

Regardless of age, race, or name

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