Against The Backdrop Of My Wrong

I will love you forever

Through the highs and lows

Peaks and valleys

Crestfallen wishes litter the ocean floor

My self esteem troubled, but still I want more

I don’t take the safe way, but the right way

Sometimes that leads to criticism

Isolation happens to be my resting place

And to them it seems I’m losing the race

But they’ve never even started

Weighted on the conscious of my heart

The filth of my youth and teenage expeditions

I was told I’d be stronger if I did it

I wasn’t a man if I didn’t

Now I did, and am done

I despise what I’ve become

I pray in the light, but the demons reject me

I seethe in the dark, and the angels scorn me

With tempest dreams and shivers of fright

I hardly sleep these days, I write into the night

Where did I go wrong, where do I belong

What are these words worth

Against the backdrop of all my wrong

Autism is a canvas

Blackness my brush

In an empty world that needs some color

Despite the world lacking a mother

With children that are perpetually under the weather

I, someway, somehow, find it in me

To love you forever

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