If a glance is love

Then I’ve drunk myself a thousand years

Drowning in a sea of emotion and response

I’m guided by my heart

More than I’d like to admit

Sometimes we return the stare, I feel warmed

Like opening window on a bright June morning

Sometimes your face turns quickly away

And I feel warmed by embarrassment

My eyes lead me to danger, and I plunge deep

Day and night I scan the stars for my lover

She’s here, somewhere, somehow, sometime

I forget how vast the universe really is

And if it’s forever expanding, it’s creating

My destiny cannot not be included

I see lovers on the piers in spring

And the summer weddings

The fall photo shoots

And winter snowfalls of embrace

I have been left on the outside of all for so long

I’ve been feeling hollow lately

Every door is slammed shut

Every reply cuts my knuckles deeper

I can see the white bone

And the pain is so great

I forget I’m alive, so I replay it all

Crawl to the light

She finished me

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