I carry the weight of unfulfilled love

And words so close to center stage

Yet so far from gracing your eyes

Raw emotion punished my patience I exude

Running long into the night, I have no rest

I am never satisfied, never quenched

Never still, I write, write, write, write

The only time I feel alive is now

When my true self is singing aloud

My inner soul alight on the tapping of keys

Fingertips connect me to the paradise I belong

Yours Truly

I am emptied in the gushing of heartspeak

Left for dead by the world that wishes

I wouldn’t speak

Right to defy, but burdened by the resistance

I have few friends, but you, the closest witness

Can see where I have come, and have become

Not flawless, but unashamed in my identity

Yet ashamed whenever I feel accomplished

There is so much more to say

Banging our page after page, I am close

Wrecking this construct of time

With rhymes they couldn’t hardly see coming

With a smile in the mirror

I bow and exit the stage

Thank you to everyone who’s seen me through

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