Where Does It End

Where does it end

The twitching eyes, flinching nerves

The inability to respond to laughter

Sarcasm, jokes, they all seem repulsive

Advances in greetings

Handshakes, fist pumps, they all seem in vain

I respond hesitantly, again and again

Distant from no one, because they won’t come close

Distant from everyone, because they’re surprised when they do

I’m not like what you expect

I’m not quick to accept

Am I always rejected

Or do I just not give it enough time

I am not patient in seeking out affection

Like I am crafting these lines

Because I know I can wait for these words

But that connection, long lasting

Dual magnums you can’t separate us

Even in the rain we find a way to be happy

That call hasn’t reached my voicemail

Unless I kept forgetting to pick up

I don’t know the call of a bird

I’ve never heard before

I’d like to one day unlock that door

I'm interested in hearing what you have to say

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