Death We Deserved

The empty road

Is full of mistakes

Littered with youthful projects

Dazzling scenes of vibrant lights

In spite of the rampant pity sex

cigarettes half smoked

And bottles that stung before the tongue touched

There’sa soul still clutching the burning sands

A glass half full of pain’s delicious rum

The mirage isn’t me, but you

The silver lining trapped in all the lies you told

Are melting under the rays of my eyes

Fucking nasty artificial cherries

Resting on top of all the cream I spilled over you

I hate the taste, but I love it

When we’re coming together

And the children we left to waste

Are a menagerie of our memory

Laid to waste in the bombardment of virginity

I loved making us less

Than what we we could’ve been

I hated waking us

From the death we deserved

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