Four Letter Name

Innocence is melted down the seams

Fatality is just around the corner in fever dream

Darkness and shadows rise, involuntary peak

The belt belongs wrapped around the mouth, not waist

Stinging as the lips burn from tightening rubber

Penetrating the pink flesh akin to your mother’s

Her body is a gold mine but with bombs she is laced

Bringing pleasure to the man willing to die

In conquest he finds true meanings of life

Only through the scourge of wrong can you find right

Showing the angels what it truly means to fly

Goddamn, I love her through error or trial

The judge hardly slacks, the jury holds firm

Their faces bore deep into innocent flesh, it burns the will away

You thought of fighting for truth, now you’re in denial of you

Hail, you’ve gone too far

The love doesn’t appeal, your body is old from experience

The drugs have us open t all the delirious

All that’s left is inescapable darkness


Of the four letter name they dare not speak

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