Let the good times roll

And fire up the barbecue

Never mind the men and women

Who do what I wouldn’t dare to do

Killing people that I’ll really never know

Fighting a war that some people think

Is nothing but a puppet show

And say it really was how I could I face myself

My family, my nation, surrender is treason

But who gonna save me from myself

And the doubt that is cast upon my shelf

The accolades, the notoriety

Thanks to the bodies who wreak mightily

On high, in time, we’re all gonna die

But we make sure these guys go a little sooner

Make arms disappear as if we at the Bermuda

Love triangles between United Nations

Don’t wanna hurt a Palestinian

Despite the bombs they’re making

Don’t wanna hurt an Israeli

Cause Holocaust left a cost

So we argue over social media

Leaving relations frosted

And then the fire starts and hell boils over

Gotta send in these soldiers

Ain’t packing no revolvers

Got an M4 with red dot sight and laser

Y’all really don’t wanna go there

But we’re okay here, tweeting how much we care

Snapping pics of hot models in red, white, and blue underwear

The freedom I received today just isn’t fair

For these men and women dying out there

Crying out there

Desperate out there

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