Appalling To All

Conquering the world

Through bouts of anger

Dedicated to the reformation of mind

In fits of poetic insults


Hurled at the defecation called news

Vomited on the talking White House heads

Splattered on the side streets of City Hall

Graffitied on the ones among us who doubt


The crime in this city is appealing to all


Guns on the streets, guns underground

Some are silent, some resonate sound

Through the sockets of children they race ahead

Declaring a victory for the land of the dead


Policy is political

Policy is cynical

Pieces up paper up my ass

Mouth foaming in anger, yet in rioting I pass


I choose to answer a higher call


Devoted to editing, the tedious, unpaid

Corrected in prayer, the faith, self made

Unapologetic, the autistic, rearranged

Resurrected, the dead, come back to Earth

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