Acceptable To You?

I feel terrible

Not because of what I do

But in what I don’t

The actions that fall from memory

Become lasting sketches of misguided

Trust ebbs and flows within

I feel fear in disappointment

So nothing becomes something

Mindless rummaging trough the past

Everlasting damage

The soul is unconsolable

Underneath the barrage of darkness

The siege lasts into the weekend

And putting my head under the waters

Only tantalized their fantasies more

The vision is clearer, deeper

Hardly comforting, unfortunately

Unless finding new ways to die

New experiences of torture

Becoming a strange shape

From tries at fitting in

Are acceptable to you

5 thoughts on “Acceptable To You?

  1. I believe in creating and following your own path. I struggle myself in many ways, but I believe that if you believe in yourself it is an important first step. Realize what you are good at and have confidence in that. I have no idea where my life will lead, all I can do is hope that I will be happy. I hope you are find happiness too my friend.

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