Why Do You Run

I am not me

When I’m with you

You are not with me

When you’re with you

Distractions run amuck in our hearts

And discord rings out in clashing cymbals

The maestro of our meltdown is mania

Reeking, withering the clothes on our backs

Sweltering heat forces us into the nude

And we hate one another even more

We see the markings from other lovers

And the spots they kept for eternity

Are reminders of mortality

Mary, Mary why do you run

Your sheep beckon unto you, rain or shine

Marry, marry, the echo cries out to you

Fighting will and wonder, is the calling divine?

Decadent fevers leave your thighs shaking

And breath hot in anticipation of more

But I leave you unsatisfied

I come close just enough to make you wonder

What I could be

And leave you with a faint reality

Of what I am

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