I’m okay with never being your number one

Just a taste of your air is enough

And the image of your face in my mind

It always paints itself anew every morning

Am I jealous of him, of course

Would I fight him for his place in your heart


But I care about you enough to let you be with

Whoever satisfies your heart

If it’s not me, not ever me, then I give you

My blessing, and in faith trust you’re happy

That’s all I ever want you to be


It’s selfish to think you’d have that only with me

It’s desperate to think that I could provide you

Everything you desire

It’s funny, I hardly know you

But that’s what keeps it young, and chasing

Builds character, demonstrates passion

If the target keeps moving, I’ll keep shooting

It’ll come down

She’ll fall for me

But in her own time

I’ve got other things to do

And I hope she does too

But when she’s ready

I'm interested in hearing what you have to say

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