Sometimes I believe in dreams that aren’t true

Sometimes I ignore nightmares that are real

Sometimes I…



Never mind, forget it, I forgot what to say

I do that a lot, and it’s annoying

My brain is always ahead of my mouth

I’m thinking about the next sentence

And I haven’t started the first

I’m so weird that way

I have to laugh at myself sometimes

What the hell am I doing up there

I dunno

Words come, and then they stop

Or they never start, and I’m left ransacking

For clues, for fragments

I’m a loose bolt from a complete machine

But nobody asks about me

Nobody cares until there’s a stone above your head

And a casket of your bones

Until then you’re conversation fodder

And someone to have a streak with

And sometimes not even then

What do I make of the late nights, taking to you

I want to be more than friends, I really do

But you’re always silent then

Never around

Left unread

Or on read, but never replied to

Screw you, the games you play

The waste of hours, days even

You say you have love

But what do you believe in

Waiting for someone to love you

When there’s someone who already does

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