No New Visitors


Point blank love

Credit the bridge ahead

For consolidated skeletons

The ridges and valleys

Channel the breeze over broken hearts

For lease is this corrupted soul

Hunting for that kind of specialty love

Dry hands from rubbing them out too often

Roads come to sudden ends when the will

Give out

Distribute my organs amongst the hungry

Dock my penis in a shed of razor blades

Because it won’t ever go into anything


Receiving these confusing words

Are as puzzling as the emotions thrown upon

The countenance of someone like me

Damn these autistic highs, of bravery

And poetic dazzle

The lows are just as stronger and pursue

Misery as a man destined to lay

With a woman he saw on the streets

Who called his name, resonating above

Both limitations and law

Swimming in devotion

Burning faster than diesel

Hoisting my expectations high

Then firing torpedos at my darling


Quality suites my hands used to be

Now I accept no new visitors

I'm interested in hearing what you have to say

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