Conscious Collaboration

She’s my greatest desire

And most punctual mistake

Every day with her was ten without

And I feel a fool for ever not knowing

The sensations my body craves

Could once and forever be quenched

By a head that is forever thinking, planning

Creating a perfect world in which she implants

Into her words and wishes, captivating

The dreams and starlight memories of all

By eyes that neither close nor open

Instead remain in constant state of silence

For she needs not eyes to see, rather

She looks upon the world

Through the reflection of her own actions

For she creates and eviscerates with thought

By a heart that is open to all, but acceptant

But a little less

Too much can corrupt, too little can starve

In conscious collaboration with truth

She finds the right people to align and alight

I'm interested in hearing what you have to say

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