More Light Than You

Vivacious feet dancing along the rooftops

Curious faces of irrelevant strangers

Fail to beguile and inspire doubt

King of the clouds, I write these words like rain

And they fall, force you inside, and consider

The natural repercussions of going astray

She hardly trembles upon the railings

The slippery metal will not reduce her

To rubble and ruin, she cannot be chained

By the misgivings of the world below

And god above can only watch in horror

As she conquers gravity and starlight

She is forever in the limelight, forever beauty

Irregardless of the beast, the menace inside

That seeks to grey and decay the young

She is glitter and gold, forever

Reimagined with each sunrise, opened flower

And sing-song of the robin

I can only imagine what it would be like

To meet her for a moment

But she’s always moving

For there is always somewhere, someone

That needs more light than you

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