Silence/Not Golden

Silence is golden

But don’t tell that to me

Silence is far from golden, more crimson

More black, more blue

The bruises and scars I hide from you

Never amounting to more than annoyances

Usually, except for some nights

I’m sleeping deeply, dreaming peacefully

And then I wake up, frantic and falling

There’s blood here, broken skin everywhere

And I’m as dazed as can be

Sundown is always too far away

The people, they shudder, they scream

My face is hardly the sight they want to see

And in spite of my goodness, all they see

Is the dark side of a vicious moon

I hardly rotate, you see just one side

You think I’m deadly, you think I’m fake

You think I’m inhabited by alien beings

You think I’ve been here forever

You think I haven’t been here enough

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