Too Eager

It’s not loud enough in here

For me

It’s not loud enough to conceal my wanderlust

For every fading mirage of a girl

Every watered down ideal of relationship

And what’s left of my father, we left long ago

It’s not loud enough to hide my shame

In every moment I’m thinking differently

From every fading image of what I was taught

And what’s right of my former self, I left

It’s not loud enough to keep them from seeing

Every play-action, I can’t fool anyone

Except for me and my words, they’re suckered

By every midnight marauder seeking asylum

I am Arkham without Batman, wintry chills

Blow over a naked city rife with stamina

To do evil in the plain sight of gods and man

I am not merely the bane of them, but of me

Stuffing myself with images and lyrics

To drown out the cry of a broken heart

That is dying to be left to the wilderness

Resurrection by exile might do me some good

But I’ll have to be crucified first

(P.S I’m far too eager)

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