Saying Too Much

My heart is a ticking time bomb

Destined to go off at when you’re closest

I never meant for it to end this way

When I first met you, I felt neither guilt

Or shame in expressing who I was

There was a fathomable expression

Of joy within me at the idea of being free

And in being allowed to roam your mind

I could piece together the missing dimensions

Of my own

Who knew I was so broken, yet together

Who knew I was so alone, yet close

The people I never expected to let me in

The people I wished to be let in by

It doesn’t matter anymore

Your honor, I’ve said too much

But I never meant to kill her

Only find the letter of my love

And mail it back to God

Don’t ever send me any more potential

Friends, lovers, whatever

It’s not that I don’t want them, I do

I don’t know what to do when I get them

I’ve been so hardened by being alone

Being around is difficult and tedious

So put the chains on me, I’ve lived that way

All my life

Sentence me to continent, they told me

I’d be better off that way

It seems like everyone knows what they need

But none of what I

Need for myself

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