Each Passing Word

The days grow shorter, the scars grow longer

Nights grow brighter, dreams more accusatory

Each memory a more depressing story

Everywhere I turn I see young couples

Living in the glory of relationship

Here I am writing of the idea of someone else

In a world that’s become quite boring

I don’t love the people I used to hate

I don’t hate the ones I used to love

I only recognize the mistakes I used to make

The promises I used to keep

And the lies I knew were always true

Holding the future in a snow globe

With little thoughts trapped in glass bottles

I’m sorry if you don’t have our resilience

And I’m glad you miss our nightmares

Each passing word is a reminder

The poets are just kids who didn’t make it

And I never quite figured out the world

Aspergers and all, girls and all, people

And all the things that make them unique

Beautiful but equally confusing to me

The kids aren’t alright

But somehow I am

Each passing word is a reminder

The poet inside fixes me again

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